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"I've been doing business with
you for close to a year.

I've received professional, courteous service.
Being a  transportation company,
a steady cash flow  is very important
to stay in business today.
You help keep my business trucking."

-J.P., Owner

Our customers tell us
that our combination
of low rates and exceptional service makes
us the best choice in the trucking industry
for factoring services.

One of the biggest advantages of factoring

your accounts receivable is that you are
able to take on more work and
better paying loads. 
Have you had to settle for low paying
loads in order to get paid within a
couple of weeks? 
Factoring allows
you to take better paying accounts
without having to worry about
how fast they pay.

Factoring your freight bills through us 
will provide immediate cash flow
your freight invoices, giving your company
cash for operating expenses.
Once established as a client you
will receive payment within 12-24 hours! 
We serve Owner/Operators and small
to medium sized fleets.

With over 100 years combined experience

in factoring for the trucking industry,
we understand that you must pay fuel,
payroll and other expenses on a daily
or weekly basis while waiting 30 to 60
for payment from their customers.

We also provide personalized service; you have one dedicated person and his or her assistant
who handle your account.  
Unlike the others, you don't have to start
over each time you call with a new person.
We are seasoned professionals with an average of 11 years industry experience per account executive   
(Well above the factoring industry norm!)

We have no minimum dollar
amount for each invoice. 
You may
factor all of your accounts or you may
choose to factor only a few.  In other
words, you can customize your own account!

Fast and Easy Setup. Set up your
account in 3 to 5  working days

More Benefits
-Advances are made via wire or direct
 deposit into your bank or fuel account
-Funding within 12-24 hours
-Free & Quick credit checks for
 prospective customers
-No minimum invoice fees.
-No Long Term Contracts
-No Check Clearance Days
-Low factoring fees
-High advances 90% to 97%
-You select the accounts to factor
-24/7 Online account management tools

You have access to your account
information around the clock.

Our online services let you view your
reports and collection activity updated daily.
You can even printout an entire
customer list on our online system. 
These are just some of the ways we are
committed to helping your
trucking company run smoothly.

Credit Expertise

With our freight broker factoring company you
have access to trucking industry credit
experts at your fingertips.  We share
our expertise with you at no cost to
minimize your chances of hauling for a poor or uncollectable customer. 

We understand timing is everything
when it comes to securing new loads.
You may chose to call, fax or email
our office with a credit request
and you will receive a timely response. 
We approve all types of customers
including brokers, shippers, haulers
and manufacturing companies nationwide.

Some Freight Factoring Companies require your customers to be on their approved list. If the customer is not on the list the factor or doesn't have published credit the customer is denied. We will research new customers
by checking both bank & trade references.

Full Freight Factoring administrative support - including credit management, invoicing, collections, account reporting, expense reporting, fuel card management and much more!

Get Your Cash Today

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Why You
Will Benefit By
Using Our Freight Broker Factoring Company

ADVANCES (up to 97%)

We offer the highest advances in the freight broker factoring industry. 

Because we use our own money. The others are
restricted by their banks

Freight Broker Factoring leader;
We have the lowest freight broker factoring company rates in
the industry
Because we use
our own  money.
The others are restricted
by their banks.


With over 100 years combined experience in freight broker factoring for the trucking industry.Our knowledge and experience enables us to
have a working
understanding of the unique demands
you face each day.

Other freight broker factoring companies require you to sign a restrictive contract that ranges from 6 months to 1 year or longer.
And they require you factor with them during that entire time.

You may factor all of your accounts or you may choose to factor only a few. In other words, you can customize your own account!

24/7 Online account management tools
Our online services let you view your reports and collection activity updated daily.

Startup companies
are welcome. 

Startups Are Our Specialty!
Did you just get your authority? Going out on your own after being leased on?  If your trucking company is just
getting started, you've come to the right place. We can help you identify quality customers, strengthen your credit with positive cashflow, and have our account managers professionally represent your company.

Why a Freight Broker Factoring Company is Necessary
"A sale is not a sale until you collect the money"
Are you a part -time banker for your customers?
Take a look at your accounts receivable aging....

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Is a Freight Broker Factoring Company 
For You?

The key to knowing if factoring is for you is to not to look only at the bottom-line factoring fee, but also to consider how your company may increase it's profits through factoring.

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Freight Broker
Factoring Benefits

Receive money in as few days as two to four days.

Maintain complete control of your business.

Remove or lessen the business costs
associated with the collection process.

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  14. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Account Receivable Finance Factoring Company(pop 590,895)
  15. Boston, Massachusetts Account Receivable Funding Factoring Company (pop 589,281)
  16. Washington, District of Columbia Invoice Trucking Freight Broker Factoring Company (pop 570,898)
  17. El Paso, Texas Invoice discounting  Factoring Company (pop 577,415)
  18. Seattle, Washington Truck Freight Broker Factoring Company (pop 570,426)
  19. Denver, Colorado InvoiceFactoring Company (pop 560,415)
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  23. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Factoring  Trucking Company (pop 519,034)
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  27. Cleveland, Ohio Invoice Financing Factoring Company (pop 467,851)
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  35. Oakland, California Account Receivable Factoring Company (pop 402,777)
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  39. Minneapolis, Minnesota Factoring Company (pop 375,635)
  40. Honolulu, Hawaii Factoring Company (pop 378,155)
  41. Colorado Springs, Colorado Invoice discounting Factoring Company(pop 371,182)
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  49. Toledo, Ohio Factoring Company (pop 309,106)
  50. Buffalo, New York Factoring Company (pop 287,698)
  51. St. Paul, Minnesota Factoring Company (pop 284,037)
  52. Corpus Christi, Texas Invoice discounting Factoring Company(pop 278,520)
  53. Aurora, Colorado Invoice Financing Factoring Company (pop 286,028)
  54. Raleigh, North Carolina Account Receivable Factoring Company (pop 306,944)
  55. Newark, New Jersey InvoiceFactoring Company (pop 277,000)
  56. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky Factoring Company (pop 263,618)
  57. Anchorage, Alaska Invoice Financing Factoring Company (pop 268,983)
  58. Louisville, Kentucky  Freight Bill FactoringCompany (pop 251,399)
  59. Riverside, California Factoring Company (pop 274,226)
  60. Bakersfield, California Account Receivable Factoring Company (pop 260,969)
  61. Stockton, California Freight Broker Factoring Company (pop 262,835)
  62. Birmingham, Alabama Freight Bill Factoring  Trucking Company (pop 239,416)
  63. Jersey City, New Jersey Account Receivable Finance Factoring Company (pop 240,100)
  64. Norfolk, Virginia Account Receivable Factoring Company (pop 239,036)
  65. Baton Rouge, Louisiana  Invoice discounting Factoring Company (pop 225,702)
  66. Hialeah, Florida Factoring Company (pop 228,149)
  67. Lincoln, Nebraska Factoring Company (pop 232,362)
  68. Greensboro, North Carolina Factoring Company(pop 228,217)
  69. Plano, Texas Account Receivable Financing Factoring Company (pop 238,091)
  70. Rochester, New York  Freight Bill FactoringCompany (pop 217,158)
  71. Glendale, Arizona Factoring Company (pop 230,564)
  72. Akron, Ohio Factoring Company (pop 214,349)
  73. Garland, Texas Factoring Company(pop 219,646)
  74. Madison, Wisconsin Account Receivable Funding Factoring Company (pop 215,211)
  75. Fort Wayne, Indiana Factoring Company(pop 210,070)
  76. Fremont, California Trucking Freight Broker Factoring Company(pop 206,856)
  77. Scottsdale, Arizona Account Receivable Factoring Company (pop 215,779)
  78. Montgomery, Alabama Invoice Financing Factoring  Trucking Company (pop 201,425)
  79. Shreveport, Louisiana Trucking Factoring Company (pop 199,033)
  80. Lubbock, Texas Invoice discounting Factoring Company (pop 203,715)
  81. Chesapeake, Virginia Factoring Company(pop 206,665)
  82. Mobile, Alabama Account Receivable Factoring Company (pop 194,862)
  83. Des Moines, Iowa Invoice Financing  Company (pop 198,076)
  84. Grand Rapids, Michigan Truck Factoring Company (pop 196,595)
  85. Richmond, Virginia  Freight Bill FactoringCompany (pop 197,456)
  86. Yonkers, New York Account Receivable Funding Factoring Company (pop 197,234)
  87. Spokane, Washington Account Receivable Financing Factoring Company (pop 196,305)
  88. Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia Invoice Funding Factoring Company (pop 193,101)
  89. Glendale, California Invoice Financing Factoring Company (pop 199,430)
  90. Tacoma, Washington Account Receivable Financing Factoring Company (pop 197,553)
  91. Irving, Texas InvoiceFactoring Company (pop 196,119)
  92. Huntington Beach, California Account Receivable Funding Trucking Factoring Company (pop 193,799)
  93. Arlington, Virginia Account Receivable Financing Factoring  Trucking Company (pop 189,927)
  94. Modesto, California Account Receivable Finance Freight Broker Factoring Companya (pop 203,555)
  95. Durham, North Carolina Freight Bill Factoring  Trucking Company(pop 195,914)
  96. Boise, Idaho Truck Invoice discounting  Invoice Financing Company (pop 189,847)