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to Make You More Money 

Hear What Our Customers Say About Us

Regarding our commitment:

"In all my years of finance experience I have
  found you as being the best source, their
  personal touch and commitment to us has made our
  relationship a great blend of business and friendship."

-Omar , Controller for Utilities Company

Regarding customer service:

"You have always provided
  service above and beyond any other
  company I have dealt with. Our account
  manager gives us 100% and is only
  one of the reasons we have chosen to stay with you."

-Leroy , Vice President of  Security Services Company

"I've been doing business with you for close to a year.
 I've received professional, courteous service. Being
 a small   transportation company, a steady cash flow
 is very important to stay in business today.
 You help keep my business trucking."

-John , Owner of Trucking Company

Regarding helping companies grow:

"I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you
 for all the help  and assistance that your staff
  has given my company. By increasing
 our cash flow and having the reserve account,
 you've allowed us to grow. Our company is no
 longer just a one truck operation, we have grown
 to four trucks with plans of one more
 by the end of [the month]"

-Dan , President of Trucking company

"Thanks a million. You're a lifesaver!"
-Charlie , President of Staffing company

"We would not be here today without your help "
-President, Advertising Agency

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We Can Offer You What Others Can't

Unlike other factoring companies, our program includes the following features at no additional charge:

24 hour funding on approved invoices
Highest advance rates in the industry
Credit analysis on new and existing customers
Continuous collection management and follow up on    factored invoices
Invoice and statement mailing (postage included)
Account status inquiries anytime;
  24/7 online account access.
We allow you to electronically submit Invoices
Free credit checking on new customers at no   additional cost

 Personalized Service - you have one dedicated person   and his or her assistant who handle your account.  
  You don't have to start over each time you call
  with a new person
We are seasoned professionals with an average  of 11   years industry experience per account executive   
  (Well above the factoring industry norm)

Our flexibility allows you to maintain control:

You select accounts you prefer to factor on an invoice   by invoice basis.
You control total factoring costs by only factoring on an    "as needed" basis.

Up to 97% Advance Rates:

Advance rates are based on overall risk associated with a particular industry as well as experience and track record. We hold reserve accounts to accommodate industries which typically experience dilution and that we would otherwise not be able to service. Advance rates range from 80% to 97% of the gross invoice amount.

Fee Structures:

Fees are determined based on your industry, the credit worthiness of your customers, how quickly your invoices turn, and monthly factoring volume.

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Are We Crazy?
Use No Other
Factoring Company
Until You Have Seen
Our Sensational Plans, including unique
97% Advance Rates

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"Vital Force Factoring has always provided service above and beyond any other company I have dealt with. Our account manager gives us 100% and this is only ONE of the reasons we have chosen to stay with them."

-L.P., Vice President security services company

Why Factoring is Necessary
"A sale is not a sale until you collect the money"
Are you a part -time banker for your customers?
Take a look at your accounts receivable aging....

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Is Factoring For You?
The key to knowing if factoring is for you is to not to look only at the bottom-line factoring fee, but also to consider how your company may increase it's profits through factoring.

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Factoring Benefits
Receive money in as few
days as two to four days.

Maintain complete control
of your business.

Remove or lessen the business costs
associated with the collection process.

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